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Wheel Roller Kit Spring Exerciser Abdominal Press Wheel Push-UP Bar Knee Pad Portable Equipment for Home Exercise Muscle Strength Fitness

About this deal

6 in 1 home workout equipment: Includes adjustable push-up bar, A type pinch meter, roller kit with knee pad, jump rope, figure-of-eight chest-expander, to help you to save money. Do not need to buy them respectively.
Scientific design, whether novice fitness or professional fitness can be used.
Can be very nice exercise abdominal strength, back strength and so on, improve their physical fitness.
Foam kneeling pad, preventing knee injury, safety protections.
The equipment is convenient to store and does not occupy too much space.

Material: PVC+foam+metal
Color: yellow, red (optional)
Package size: 250 * 220 * 130 mm / 9.8 * 8.7 * 5.1in
Package weight: 1400g / 3.1lb

Packing List:
1 * Wheel Power Roller
1 * Kneeling Pad
1 * Jump Rope
1 * A Type Pinch Meter
1 * pair of Push Up Stand
1 * Figure-of-Eight Chest-Expander

$53.18 $95.61