Universal Loud Car Air Horn 12V Trumpet Super Train Horn for Trucks Vehicle Horn Dual-tone Electric Snail Air Horn Whistle

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Product diameter: 90 mm
Voltage: 12V
Material: Alloy + Plastic
Sound level DB: 100-115
Frequency: 410HZ±20 low frequency
510HZ±20 high frequency
Scope of application: 12V cars, motorcycles, battery cars, etc.

1) The working current of the horn should be above 30A.
2) The horn should be installed away from the engine. Don’t be too low to avoid clogging with mud or other debris.
3) Avoid car washing or flooding the speaker in rain or snow.
4) Use the original bracket sheet of the product to install, and the speaker cannot touch any parts of the car.
5) Customers cannot disassemble or adjust the horn components by themselves.
6) When installing two speakers, the connecting wires should be connected in parallel.
7) Keep honking the horn for no more than 30 seconds.
8) The speaker is not working properly, the user can check by himself:
A. Whether the installation and wiring are firm;
B. Whether the connecting wire is too thin or open;
C. Whether the control circuit is faulty;
D. Whether the battery is sufficient;

Package Include:
Snail horn*2
Iron sheet*2

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