Portable Foldable Charcoal Grill Stainless Adjustable For Outdoor

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Easy to Use and Clean:
Charcoal barbecue grill eliminate the tedious installation process. Just open the box, set the grate tray on the box, and the carbon tray will fall inside, and then you can start your barbecue party.
130 Square Inches of Space:
With enough area for barbecue, you can bake all your favorite foods. A removable grate makes cleaning of the barbecue charcoal grill easy. The vent design of the charcoal brazier can completely burn the charcoal.
Collapsible and Portable to Carry:
The size of the portable charcoal grill after being folded is just like a small briefcase. Thus, the BBQ grill can be perfectly stored in your trunk or warehouse. Handle design makes carrying more convenient.
High-Quality Stainless Steel Material:
The surface is treated with NT coating, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, without deformation and rust.
Intimate Grate Design:
The distance between the grate and the charcoal is excellent, which allows food to be cooked faster and does not leave dust on the food. The unique design of the grate can adjust the height to facilitate adding charcoal.

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