Multi-function Dumbbell Bench Fitness Equipment for Abdominal Sit-ups Fitness Workout Home Exercise

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Material: steel pipe, foam, high quality leather
Maximum weight: 149.69kg / 330 pounds
User height: up to 6’0/182.88cm
Special features: foldable, non-slip foot cover, non-slip full foam
Backboard: snap-on bracket, adjusted by seven steps
Foam: It has a thick footrest foam and a support handle. It is soft and comfortable, so that the legs are well protected and the movement is more comfortable.
PU leather: resistant to cracking, durable, soft and comfortable
Plastic anti-slip rubber sleeve: prevent the supine board from sliding during exercise, ensure the safety of sports, and prevent the steel pipe from rubbing and scratching the floor.
Elastic drawstring: You can also draw the rope and exercise your arm muscles.
Folding joints on the board: the body is foldable for easy storage
Adjustability: The dumbbell bench is adjustable to meet the needs of people of different sizes to complete the exercise.

Features: Adjustable, Cushion & Backrest, Waist Protection, Back Protection, Neck Protection, Head Protection.

$68.00 $500.00