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March 17 is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. What began as a religious celebration has been transformed into a popular and massive party where the color green, clovers and beers are a distinctive part of the celebration. A Christian tradition says that Patrick explained the mystery of the Holy Trinity using a three-leaf clover. That is why that day it has been established as a custom to wear a shamrock in the celebration of its holiday and the use of garments with the same clothes.

But it is not only celebrated in Ireland, in fact the Irish community that exists around the world takes the opportunity to celebrate it in style. And is that in the nineteenth century many Irish emigrated to avoid famine, and took their traditions with them, including the world-famous St. Patrick’s Day. The name of this saint was Maewyn Succat and a small Scottish town was born in the late 4th century. He came to Ireland after escaping from pirates, from there he spent six years learning the Celtic language. He went to France to become a priest and changed his name to Patricius, at the age of 46 he decided to return to Ireland to evangelize his inhabitants, and there he remained until his death.

In the celebrations of Saint Patrick, everything is dyed green, but in fact the original color with which the order of Saint Patrick was identified was light blue. The use of the color green for this holiday began to spread through the color of the shamrocks of the Irish independence movement at the end of the 18th century, and if on March 17, there is a clueless person who goes out without something green, it is tradition to give it a pinch.

For most of the 20th century, St. Patrick’s Day was considered a strictly religious holiday, which meant that pubs were closed on that day, so there was no beer or any excess. The 1903 law was repealed in 1970 and beer was running through the streets again.

Everyone who lives in Boston will claim, at some point, that they have Irish roots, even if that isn’t entirely true. But there will be something when the first celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day took place, in 1737, in this city, long before the first parade in Ireland, in 1931.

Although the Dublin parade is the most famous, the largest and most impressive takes place in New York, where Fifth Avenue is ‘taken over’ by leprechauns and floats adorned in green. More than two million people attend each year.

And although everything turns green, including beers, this tradition reaches its maximum madness in the city of Chicago, where the waters of the Chicago River have been dyed green since 1962, using a mixture of biodegradable vegetable dye that does not pollute.

Guinness’ beer sales skyrocket on St. Patrick’s Day. The average is 5.5 million pints of dark beer in the world per day. On that day, that figure doubles, according to an estimate by WalletHub, there will be 13 million pints of Guinness consumed this year.

On St. Patrick’s Day a business in America.

What is striking about this celebration is that it spread to the United States – which has made the most commercial profit from the date – Spain, Argentina and Mexico.

Relevant data.
-The number of Americans who celebrate this date is estimated at 125 million.
-The American plans to spend $35.37 this day.
-The percentage of Americans who plan to buy special food and drinks on St. Patrick’s Day is 56.5%.
-2014 was the year in which the most money was spent; on this day with 4.8 billion dollars. 2015 was $4.6 billion; For its part, in 2016 it was 4.4 billion dollars.
-2009 was the year in which the least was spent in the United States celebrating this date; 3.2 billion dollars.
– Regarding how they celebrate, 82% of those surveyed decide to wear black, 31% prepare a special dinner, 28% celebrate in a bar or restaurant, 22% decorate their home or office: and 21% make a private party.
-52.3% of men plan to celebrate this date.
-Women decide to celebrate this day less, only 47.7 of those surveyed confessed that they will.
-About 250 million dollars are spent on beer
-These are the towns where St. Patrick’s Day is most celebrated in the United States: New York, Chicago, Boston, Savannah and Kansas City.

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